Re: Value of prizes ?

jonwill (
Fri, 28 May 1999 10:13:18 -0400

Brian Atkins wrote:

> Well having the funds that are donated used for funding research
> would seem to me to be harder to do. I mean, the people donating
> are going to probably want status reports and the like, that
> besides wasting the researchers' time, would require more time
> from me to keep the site updated. I'm thinking more of something
> simpler and more automated, where all I have to do is write a
> check from the non-profit's bank account if someone meets the
> criteria for a prize. And yes, by that point they might not need
> the money, but who knows- they could use the cash to go off and
> work on something really radical that maybe the VCs wouldn't want
> to fund?

I agree that your plan should be easy to operate, yet still have a positive impact. Go for it.