O'Regan, Emlyn (
Fri, 28 May 1999 13:19:06 +1000

>Take this:
>The point in the novel, which was not all that humorous (can hardly
>imagine Lem even cracking a smile), was to give someone who
>probably didn't have a chance to live that chance. I could see
>someone, say, running out of air in space choosing cryosuspension
>over suffocation and rotting.
(Daniel Ust)

plus this:
>It is an interesting cognitive malfunction, present in many, including
>creationists, legislators, and poker players. Humans tend to believe
>what they would like to believe, regardless of the evidence. Some can
>even know what the rational conclusion is and /still/ cling to what
>they want to believe. There are many trained doctors who tout worthless
>herbs or homepathic crap despite years of education in how to properly
>evaluate a drug. Many a poker player can tell you that ey is precisely
>an 11-to-1 underdog to fill that straight, but ey will call the bet
>anyway because of a hunch ("I can feel it coming"). I paid my rent by
>exploiting them, and they kept coming back to the table despite the
>mounds of cash they spent chasing those hunches.
(Lee Daniel Crocker)

and you have a good likelyhood of people suffocating to death in a cryo-space suit, finger hovering over the button. Because they still might get rescued.

Of course no one on this list would be so foolish.

11-1 against