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> I think you have that a bit backwards, violence, in any form is the
> _last_ resort to be taken in resolving a conflict.
> I see no question of being 'enslaved' to a gun, a gun is merely another
> tool, are you enslaved to your hair brush?
> The point of gun ownership, aside from the pleasure of target (for
> myself) or game shooting is a: To have that final option should a
> situation arise that can't be
> dealt with in any other way.
> b: In the US at least, as the last defense against the
> tyranny of
> government.
> Despite what has been said previously on this thread the framers of the
> Constitution were very forward thinking men attempting to create a
> document that would stand the test of time. The fact that they were
> unable to envision our current society in no way invalidates their
> efforts, in fact the results of their labor have stood up very well.
Yeah, let's you an' me an Clem pull down the ole squirrel guns and overthrow the Gummint! Right after we commit mass homicide by hairbrush!