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From: Ron Kean <>

>An interesting thing about the Constitution is how major
>provisions of the Constitution are seemingly ignored. The Second
>Amendment is an excellent example of this. The amendment states,
>in part, that 'the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
>shall not be infringed.' But most large cities, and many states,
>have draconian gun control laws which would seem to be
>unconstitutional on their face. And the multi-million member NRA,
>a powerful pro-gun lobbying group, seems completely unable to get
>any gun control laws invalidated by the courts on constitutional

This may soon come to an end. A Federal Judge, Sam R. Cummings recently ruled (U.S. vs Emerson) that the second amendment applies to individuals not the state, and wrote an excellent decision overturning a case.

The Reno/Justice Dept is planning on an appeal to the Supreme Court, we'll see if they chicken out yet again.....

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