Re: Value of prizes ?

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Thu, 27 May 1999 12:59:32 +0200

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De : Brian Atkins <>
: <> Date : jeudi 27 mai 1999 10:10
Objet : Value of prizes ?

>I was reading this over at Edge:
>regarding the usefulness of giving away prizes for certain
>science and/or tech advances. It seems to me that in general
>this is a good idea, although as discussed on the site there
>are certain limitations. I'd be curious if this has come up
>on the list before, and what the consensus (if any) was.
>So what if there was a site, say, where
>anyone could go and make donations using their credit card
>to a prize of their choice? Would this be worth setting up
>to get us moving even faster to the maybe-Singularity?
>Lemme know what you think, because I have to decide eventually
>whether or not to pay for the domain :-)

a very great idea ;))... if federal belgium is dissolved, perhaps I would be able to contribute money to really interesting (at least according to me) projects by such a mean... in fact I can't see another way now to do just that. Make scientists and technologists propose their stuff and people to pay for projects of their informed choice. not the choice of a set of elected?? lamers without a femtopound of insight like here.

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