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James, its to bad that you have such a hard time with dunking mail that you don't want. I consider your message the same as spam, it was useless and a nuisance, I had to dunk it. It just happens that some times I find interest in some of the spam which I wouldn't otherwise get if it didn't come in on this list. Become a big boy and just deal with it. Why should other people have to go through special gyrations because you are lazy. Its not so bad to be spammed, as long as it doesn't happen so often, why are you so overly concerned to create a ruckus...


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>If the listserv is going to continue to allow spammers to abuse the
>members of the list it would seem fair to configure the listserv *not*
>to hide the original message headers so we can go after the source of
>the $&!+...
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