SETI update

Brian Atkins (
Wed, 26 May 1999 22:45:07 -0400

I think we may actually have 10 members on the team now, but how about some more of you guys joining, eh? URL in my sig... Anyway, here is an update from them about some of the problems they are having:

"To our users: SETI@home is off to a great start! We now have almost 350,000 users, many more than we expected. This has caused some temporary problems:

     Our servers are overloaded. You have probably seen "can't
     connect to server" messages; the problem is at our end, not

     Credit for work units and CPU time may not show up immediately
     in your totals.
     Our new "team" feature has had some problems; If you've joined
     a team, you may need to get a new password and join it again.
     We are a bit overwhelmed with emails and bug reports, and won't
     be able to respond to them individually. Please check our "known      bugs"
list carefully before reporting problems.

We're working hard to fix these problems. With the help of new high-performance machines from Sun Microsystems, we'll upgrade our server capacity; this will happen in about a month. We'll release
new versions of the client software (probably next week) that will deal with server problems in a more user-friendly way.

So please bear with us during these "growing pains", and thanks for being part of this incredible project."

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