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>> O'Regan, Emlyn wrote:
>> > What do you call a society of borganisms?
>> Each borganism has its own consciousness, and would therefore act like a
>> single individual with many bodies. The details of such a society would be
>> very different from anything we've seen before, but the basic questions
>> about how resources are to be controlled would remain. Thus, a society of
>> borganisms could use anything from a pure free market to absolute
>> collectivism.
>And in the borganism society some of course argue that collectivism is
>an infringement on their rights and that individuality as a borganism
>is very important for freedom. :-)
>Hmm, an Objectivist borg? "We are Ayn of Rand, resistance is futile..." :-)
Is this not already the case? Identity is an illusion, parallel brains and all that...

I wonder... if we dig deep enough, will we find that neurons are far more complex than we thought they were, and are actually the vessels for uploaded intelligences from some previous advanced civilisation that eventually hit its singularity?

Maybe you could build a brain where, rather than working together, the neurons trade out of enlightened self interest.