Re: meat aboard the roton

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 26 May 1999 02:57:46 -0400

Spike Jones wrote:
> Doug Jones wrote: ...Anyway, I don't see the FAA seriously getting in the
> way of me
> personally participating in spaceflight (in about a year if things
> continue to go well)....
> Wait a minute Doug. When I heard that Rotary Rocket planned to man
> the *first* roton, I nearly choked. I understand the reasoning behind
> centrifugal pressurization and even autogyro landing, but the notion of
> making the experimental vehicle manned, well the logic utterly escapes me.
> The thought that the first rotonaut to put his ass on the line might be
> you, my friend I must object strenuously. I cannot imagine why Rotary
> Rocket is persuing this seemingly reckless course, and I would
> be deeply saddened if any harm should come to one who might
> even be one of my distant cousins. All of us Joneses are distant
> cousins {8-] This is not intended as a criticism of the Roton;
> we are behind you all the way. But please explain why RR is
> putting meat aboard on the first ride. spike

The logic is that the men of Rotary Rocket are men who still beleive that a milestone is only a milestone when it is passed with a man in the cockpit. My hats are off to them. Besides that, the first roton will be little more than a funny looking helicopter. An autogyro is one of the simplest lifting devices known.

Mike Lorrey