Keeping up with the Joneses

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Wed, 26 May 1999 16:18:27 +1000

Sorry to butt in on a tangent, but who or what is the Rotary Rocket company? I must cave in finally to the desire to know what a Rocket Plumber is, also.

Also, if you have to choose between never going into space and manning the a prototype, well, go for it! Either you'll go to space (SPACE!) or get a Darwin Award. Either way, it's fame. And, you'll have an excuse for never getting around to Cryonics.


>From: Spike Jones[]
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>Sent: Wednesday, 26 May 1999 15:37
>Subject: meat aboard the roton
>Doug Jones wrote: ...Anyway, I don't see the FAA seriously getting in the
>way of me
>personally participating in spaceflight (in about a year if things
>continue to go well)....
>Wait a minute Doug. When I heard that Rotary Rocket planned to man
>the *first* roton, I nearly choked. I understand the reasoning behind
>centrifugal pressurization and even autogyro landing, but the notion of
>making the experimental vehicle manned, well the logic utterly escapes me.
>The thought that the first rotonaut to put his ass on the line might be
>you, my friend I must object strenuously. I cannot imagine why Rotary
>Rocket is persuing this seemingly reckless course, and I would
>be deeply saddened if any harm should come to one who might
>even be one of my distant cousins. All of us Joneses are distant
>cousins {8-] This is not intended as a criticism of the Roton;
>we are behind you all the way. But please explain why RR is
>putting meat aboard on the first ride. spike