RE: Liberty vs. Extropy

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Wed, 26 May 1999 14:43:03 +1000

>Well, we tried going the route that european prisons are: pretty much forced
>vocational education and psych treatment. Problem was, the recidivism stats
>showed that it was a failure here. Here, the stats seem to bear out that if
>you make prison life as unbearable as possible, a crook is far less likely to
>want to go back to such an institution, so they took out the weight lifting
>equipment (reduces guard costs, esp. medical bills) they are taking out the
>college courses, etc. except at the minimum security resorts.
>Mike Lorrey

I'm interested in clarifying something here. You have stated that you are anti-government, and from the above you are also supportive of a punitive (rather than rehabilitative) styles of prisons. I've got no argument with someone holding these opinions, although I don't hold them myself. There's some kind of common ground probably, because I wonder whether there can really be a rehabilitating prison, and I imagine that you would have some opinions on this subject.

The way I see it, if you don't trust the government, then you probably want to have prisons which aren't too awful, because there would be a fairly high chance of innocent people ending up there. Is this fallacious reasoning? Do you see a seperation between the government and the justice system which is relevant (ie: justice system is trustworthy, government is not)?

I don't mean this post to be inflammatory (although it probably is). I'm just interested in this juxtaposition of views.

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