Tue, 25 May 1999 10:47:50 -0700 (PDT)

@christopher [] wrote:
>Question: Is it normal for a P233 with 64MB of ram to take 59' 16" and 17.1
>seconds to complete 43.090% of its first data unit?

Probably not; my 450/128MB takes around 32 hours per unit... except that the software seems to be buggy so it rarely gets a unit done in that time. I left it running over the weekend and came back to discover a nice little dialog box asking me whether to connect to upload the results, and to configure the program to connect automatically if I didn't want to see the dialog box again... of course I'd already configured this once, and it worked perfectly with the first unit it finished. That wasted about forty hours of CPU time.

Last night Windows got some kind of network error around midnight and so the machine was sitting there waiting for me to click on the stupid dialog box that Windows put up, wasting another 12 hours or so of CPU time. Ah, the wonders of crappy Microsoft software...

Oh, and apparently it runs a lot faster if you minimize the window.