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> > I was tired of hearing the raving randian bastards on this list label
> > everybody who disagreed with the slightest scintilla of their pet
> > dogmas as evil vermin who should be exterminated for the greater good,...
> Legislation is violence. No matter how much one pretends that this
> isn't true, the fact won't go away. Those who propose and pass laws
> are enabling armed police to forcibly detain and imprison people who
> violate them, even if they do so peacefully. Sometimes civilized
> discourse is not sufficient to point out just how evil some of these
> actions really are.
So you oppose legislation against theft, rape, child molestation and murder? You would make it legal for any asylum alumnus to obtain sarin gas, botulinin toxin, anthrax bacteria, C-4 or refined plutonium?
> If you advocate legislation, be prepared to back up your opinions
> with your blood.
I'm willing to either die for mine, or kill the person desiring to kill me for holding them.. And you?
> You are morally responsible for the violence
> used to enforce those laws, and a legitimate target for those who
> fight them. I am prepared to take moral responsibility for laws
> against violence and theft; if history proves me wrong, I accept
> the consequences.
History has already proven you wrong; laws against theft' rape and murder were instituted because people were being robbed, raped and murdered. BTW, how dare you presume to arrogate yourself the "moral responsibility" for the consequenses of an anonymous other's death? Until you can restore life to them, you have neither the power nor the stature to bear up under such a burden.
> I am not willing to accept such responsibility
> for laws against peaceful use of technology--be it drugs, money,
> or guns--or laws granting "property" status to ideas, and many other
> laws that some people favor. I may be wrong, and I'm willing to
> entertain discussions on the matter peacefully. But when a bill is
> signed into law, the line between discussion and force has been
> crossed, and I cannot be silent. No matter how loudly I may "rave",
> it is still peaceful discourse compared to the violence of law.
But not compared to the massacres which are now routinely perpetrated in our schools by those to whom we look to carry the future. How can you defend a system which allows our children to fatally mass murder each other? I'm a military vet, a hunter, and own five guns of my own, yet the idea of these kids killing each other like they are in some crazed puter game is incomprehensible to me. The insane among us are those who, for whatever sick or profitteering reason, not only refuse to close the loopholes which lead to such weapons possession, but who continue to either stand idly by or applaud as the gun industry, to support its future position in the marketplace, sells maiming, paralysis, coma and death to our children via the same shamelessly cynical product placement ad campaigns we see employed to push tobacco.
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