Re: Submolecular nanotech [WAS: Goals]

Anders Sandberg (
24 May 1999 21:20:28 +0200 writes:

> Anders ( said:
> > Hmm, that actually suggests an ufog problem: getting foglets into
> > liquids where they shouldn't be - how can we guarantee that none of
> > the fog gets into our food?
> Might I suggest this is the wrong approach? Instead assume it will get
> into the food. Think about how to ensure it won't be harmful there.

Exactly; my fault for not thinking properly <adjusted>. Henrik Öhrström pointed out that mesoscale nanomachines might actually pose a hazard similar to silicosis or asbestosis by being fairly large structures the macrophages in the lung cannot handle. I seem to recall that the ufog designs involved inert foglets with silicon(?) shells; maybe they should be made vulnerable to the chemicals released by lymphocytes or other cells. Maybe some connectors made of protein, for example.

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