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>Actually, that's quite interesting. Enhanced evolution, yes, I can go
>with that (although as an interested observer, since evolution from the
>individual's perspective is all about being squashed like a bug, just
>ask a bug).
>My only problem with evolution is that it needs individual failure to
>work. I'm not really interested in failing (lethaly) for the good of the
>group, so I'm hoping there's a better way for humanity to move forward.

sure... lethal failing and aging are not suited for an enhanced optimization of the human kind... so much to loose...
>I would make the statement that the forms of capitalism currently
>practised in the world are not perfect. I hope others would agree. That
>is not to say that they are necessarily fataly flawed. Just imperfect.
>Then the concept of enhanced evolution, when applied to the market (as
>it would need to be, given imperfection), implies a path to "perfection"
>littered with the corpses of the "failures".

we can't bypass evolution laws... for myself i do believe that this whole "enhanced" thing is quite redondant... enhanced evolution is just evolution. no choice involved.... but i'm the by-product of an evil somewhat socialist European state... and i'm victimized by the "there is not such thing as free will" belief ;))).... I like your posts D. Musick ;) please keep posting ;))... you are the evolutionary catalyser kind of guy I like a lot to listen very redondantly ...;)))

I want to optimize myself...
I want to optimize myself...
I want to optimize myself...
I want to optimize myself...
I want to optimize myself...
I want to optimize myself...

euh? so what ???... well i think alot about that... that's a good start ;))

>From the viewpoint of a long (infinitely long?) lived individual, there
>is a big flaw in the idea of a competitive system. The flaw is that we
>are all doomed to failure. If the probability of failure for us is
>greater than zero in an evolutionary "trial", then it must approach 1
>over time, as the number of trials increases. And the probability of
>failure in a trial must be greater than zero, if just to account for
>forces out of individual control.

What would be the probability of your particular existence guessed from the early big bang ?

who knows???

If the probability of failure tend to zero with time, for self-reproducing entities, things becomes less simple. i would guess with time almost all the universe could become "success"

>In my own individual, greedy, selfish way I think that this individual,
>greedy, selfish economic system is a bum-deal, because it dooms me to
>eventual (multiple) failure. If that failure can be fatal (and it can),
>then I'm really worried.

welcome to the world

>Hey, maybe we could cooperate. Oops, I've been watching too much Sesame
a great idea ;)... what about the probability of failure for sets of people ;)?