Re: Property Rights
Mon, 24 May 1999 04:24:27 EDT

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> In my own individual, greedy, selfish way I think that this individual,

> greedy, selfish economic system is a bum-deal, because it dooms me to
> eventual (multiple) failure. If that failure can be fatal (and it can),
> then I'm really worried. Hey, maybe we could cooperate. Oops, I've been
> watching too much Sesame Street.

symbiosis is great. good stuff. i dig lots. smoked some last weekend, in fact... but i think that the bottom line is that we mere wannabe transhumans arnt cool enough to pull it off good... yet. yea, i agree in that i think it would be ideal. i have no fuckin idea how it would work, but i do think it would be ideal.

"if technology is produced by intelligence, what happens when intelligence is improved by technology?" -- eliezer s. yudkowsky (i had to quote that =)

still fascinated by that smoking hole (its a REALLY interisting smoking hole), sayke