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Michael M. Butler (
Sun, 23 May 1999 22:16:56 -0700

I had always thought that Bernstein wrote the music & lyrics, and Sondheim was the guy who wrote the dialog. But I don't know how I got that impression (unless it was from Bernstein hogging the credit somehow).

I am sure any sheet music store (and very likely a video rental) could fix me right up with an answer, but 'tis not a high priority for me and not a really relevant thread for EXI. :)


At 10:30 1999/05/22 CDT, you wrote:

Woops!!! I'm a bit embarrassed!! Well, Steve (!) Sondheim wrote the darn LYRICS to the song(s) anyway!! I KNEW he was involved, and yet didn't write the music. Oh, well...I goofed, but not as big as the Intel info-droid!

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