Re: Property Rights

Michael S. Lorrey (
Mon, 24 May 1999 00:54:03 -0400

"O. Razor" wrote:
> Mr. Lorrey,
> Could perhaps the absence of property rights offer certain (few?)
> individuals, such as Mr. Musick, an evolutionary advantage?

First off, please stop hiding behind other identities. An honest debating opponent does not hide behind shrouds of anonymity, unless they have ulterior motives.

Making property rights for individuals non-existent would allow socialists and socialist sympathisers to seize upon any property or resource under the claim that it is for 'the common good'. They could gain great personal wealth for themselves hidden by a socialist authority and may reproduce by large quantities, however, the resultant losses in economic growth due to stifled invention, public morale, and personal enmity of all freedome loving persons for such oppressors will eventually bring about instability and revolution, which frequently (according to the mortality statistics for political leaders) will result in their deaths and the deaths of their families. While there may be a short term advantage, there is no long term advantage, which is what evolution lends greater weight to.

Mike Lorrey