Chris Fedeli (
Sun, 23 May 1999 18:36:46 -0400

Thanks for all that info on the robot commercial for Intel. Now I can finally put my itching curiosity to rest on that score.

Anyway it's a great groove, even for a cover of a showtune. To the Intel Info-droid: if they ever decide to release the full version, please let me know.

To Mike Lorrey: I agree, the flow of commercials like the ones we are discussing amount to a steady attitude massage for the masses; subtle memetic manipulation that will eventually convert a technophobic populace into willing participants in the transhuman condition. 'Tis a gentle seduction, indeed :)

So long as the ends of transhumanism continue to overlap with those of corporations like Intel, Cisco and the rest, we'll all be able to watch comfortably from our balconies, doing relatively little as the predictable tides of the global economy wash us up on the shores of a singularity or two.

A comforting thought, and probably mostly accurate.

Chris Fedeli