Available: Hushmail- fully encrypted, truly secure, free

Matthew Gaylor (freematt@coil.com)
Sat, 22 May 1999 11:59:15 -0400



Speak freely with Hushmail!

Much more than webmail! Much more than SSL! HushMail uses java applet technology to bring a full-featured public-key cryptosystem right into your browser. What does that mean to you? Total privacy! Absolutely no-one but you can read your messages!

HushMail is the world's Şrst, fully encrypted, truly secure, free web-based e-mail client. Our patent pending, state-of-the-art technology keeps private communication private. Free and easy to use, It works just like other web-based email providers, except Hushmail offers the ultimate in security and privacy.

Signing on is simple. Just click on "GET AN ACCOUNT" and you'll be asked for your username and some basic demographic information. Jiggle your mouse to generate a random set of keys and you're ready to go. It's that simple. Hushmail requires no special software or conŞguration. The whole registration process can take less than 2 minutes.

And with Hushmail you get the following beneŞts:

It's completely free.

It's easy to use.

And it's the only service that offers fully encrypted, truly secure, completely private e-mail.

HushMail uses a patent-pending process called "public key cryptosystem with roaming user capability." That means that the only people who can read your mail are the people that you send it to. And it also mean that you can access your account from any computer that has a web browser and internet access, anywhere in the world.

It's your choice.

Before Hushmail, you didn't have an easy option for complete security and privacy in your web-based email communications. It just didn't exist. The ineffective encryption measures used by other email service providers just don't measure up to the patent pending, state-of-the-art security provided by Hushmail. And our easy-to-use interface means that you don't have to change the way you are used to using email.

So now that you have a choice between secure and private communications or unsecured communications, we hope you'll choose security and privacy. In short, we hope you choose Hushmail.

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