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If we're talkin' commercials (admittedly pointless) I gotta go with VW using Styx' "Mr Roboto" In the future when we are all bionic men/women my dream is that we all will drive VW's...

J wrote:

> On Sat, 22 May 1999, Chris Fedeli wrote:
> > I love the new Pentium III commercial, the one that shows a
> > robot being built and walking around to the tune of this
> > really cool song that I'm just dying to get on CD. Does
> > anyone know the name of the song or the artist who sings it?
> > As well as at the Phillips-Magnavox ads with the "It's getting
> > better all the time" jingle.
> Chris:
> While, obviously I can not provide you with the cd version of the remake
> of the song. I can provide you with the digital format of the commercial.
> To which you can play it in real audio and only listen to the song without
> having to watch the commercial every time. You can find the commercial along
> with the other Intel spots at:
> Also, because I _am_ the goddess of commercials. Here is the URL for the
> Philips/Magnavox spots!
> Enjoy!
> Jasmine
> PS: You can tell that times have changed. In the original "I feel pretty"
> they lyrics were, "I feel pretty and witty and _gay_." I presume they felt
> it was better to change the words. Just a cute little aside.
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