Chris Fedeli (
Sat, 22 May 1999 00:37:04 -0400

OK, here's one I've been wanting to ask someone about.

I love the new Pentium III commercial, the one that shows a robot being built and walking around to the tune of this really cool song that I'm just dying to get on CD. Does anyone know the name of the song or the artist who sings it?

Do you remember the tune? It's got a cool guitar riff under lyrics that go something like this:

"I feel pretty... Oh so pretty... I feel pretty, and witty, and bright.... and I'll [something]... any girl who comes to me tonight [la, la, la, la, la, la la la]

I feel charming... Oh so charming... It's alarming, I'm charming, and [something, something, something, etc.]"

PLEASE help me out, it's driving me crazy. Lately I've found myself flipping around endlessly just to catch that one commercial.


P.S. I've teared up at the Cisco ads before, too. As well as at the Phillips-Magnavox ads with the "It's getting better all the time" jingle. I'm a sap for progess :)