Use the force (Star Wars)

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Thu, 20 May 1999 12:22:56 -0400 (EDT)

Yep, it's me the "optimistic-keep-context" movie goer. Perhaps, I just view life (movies) with sugary sweet rose colored glasses.... but, I thought Star Wars was just fine. I am not some huge fan, nor am I one that dislikes the movies.

I loved the hype, though. I wanted to be one of those that saw it the first day out. I love the merchandising, capitalism, and technology. I am a movie product manager's dream come true. I am all for people getting excited about a movie, waiting in line for hours, and buying way too many action figures.

---tangent about to occur--

I am tired of listening to the media and everyone else whine about Kosvo and/or Columbine. I am sick of listening to misery. I want joy! I want laughter! I want to skip and be joyous. If Star Wars can get into the news for 10 mins and break down the usual force feeding of tragedy I am constantly bombarded with to provide some flavor of excitement, I am ALL for it! "Use the force."
---end of tangent---

So, back on track, to the movie *ahem* Let's keep a bit of context, shall we? It is a MOVIE. It is for entertainment value. I have heard everything from the characters suck to the mysticism being rationalized because it does exist within the context of the movie. I hate to sound like the happy one here, but lighten up. It is FUN! It is about going for the eye candy and watching the United States as well as the rest of the world regroup in a series of movies that in part changed how movies were done and what we expected of them, forever.

On the technical side, the computer animation is wonderful, the special effects were outstanding. In regards to the character, they were fine. It is a prequeal for crying out loud. The story is setting up, I do not expect in-depth psychological analysis of each. I _loved_ the outfit and make done for the Queen. And my final (the glass is half full dammit) assessment about the mysticism, it is a sci/fi adventure movie. If you are going to accept the idea of the the plot even existing at all, considering the idea of "the force" isn't' that much more of a stretch. If you want non-fantasy, watch the history channel.

Smile, it increases your face value. Life is wonderful, enjoy it. Go see the movie, and love it. You know you wanna!

Challenge me!
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