Re: New Star Wars Movie Anti-Extropian?

Philip Witham (
Thu, 20 May 1999 00:52:15 -0700

>Haven't seen the new Star Wars movie (The Phantom Menace) but after
>reading an article on it in Time/ Newsweek/ US News & World Report,
> I don't think I will. There was a quote from the movie featured

Just saw it. When it ended, the audience didn't just clap, didn't just cheer, some of them *screamed* their approval of the movie. And happily milled about the lobby and theatre, somewhat stunned. Yes, it's just a Star Wars movie, and just entertainment, and almost a children's story, but that's the point. Any movie critic putting this one down needs to find a new line of work. It paints a larger universe with more detail and beauty than ever on film before. And, there is a partial sci-fi explaination for "the force" that makes it a bit more palatable to us hard sci-fi fans.