Re: Making the Most of What We Have

David Lubkin (
Wed, 19 May 1999 19:19:25 -0400

On 5/19/99, at 9:48 AM, wrote:

	Like all transhumanists, I want greater abilities than I have now.  I
	read about, anticipate and even design technologies which will extend my
	abilities in the future.  However, I also realize that the abilities I
	already have are not being utilized to anywhere near their potential. 

A question for all of you, but especially David, since he seems to have worked at improving his senses.

I'm curious about the "return on investment" in improving your current mental, sensory, or physical abilities with currently available techniques.

Coming from a family legacy of poor interpersonal skills, I have made a special effort over the last 20 years to improve mine. It has required more attention than time, and has paid off enormously, both in terms of my professional and personal success.

Aerobic and weight training is another clear payoff. Better sleep, fewer headaches, longer life, more energy, more strength, more stamina.

Nootropics just require money and remembering to take pills.

I haven't heard of much else that will improve my underlying abilities or quality of life in a way I care enough to try. (Steve Mann's cyborg life is fascinating but I'm not ready.) What can people vouch for?