Enhanced Senses

Tue, 18 May 1999 03:45:57 -0600

Anders wrote:

"What about sonar? I have always wanted to have 360 degree sonar to give a sense of the surroundings. It could even be mapped onto the skin, making the surroundings touch you ("A comfortable little office you have...")."

A fascinating and attractive idea. Because I ride my bicycle on the street often, and because I have frequently been reminded of the fact that large numbers of motorists drive as though I am not there, I have often longed for this ability. But, like always, I must make do with what I have, so I have spent a lot of time developing my sense of hearing and my ability to generate a rough model of my surroundings based on auditory information. Now when I hear cars around me, I have a very good idea of where they are, how fast they are moving and which direction they are moving in. I have avoided many dangerous situations because of this.

I think it is important to develop the abilities we already have and utilize them more fully . We are not ready for new abilities if we do not know how to take greater advantage of existing abilities.


pay attention to as much as possible;
it is difficult to anticipate which information will be useful later

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