Resolving Conflicts Peacefully
Tue, 18 May 1999 02:38:30 -0600

Resolving Conflicts Peacefully

The fact that different people have different and often conflicting desires for themselves and their world has been a problem for all of human history. This issue continues to become more urgent as the population increases and the conflicts become more numerous and widespread. How humans respond to this increasingly tense situation will have long-lasting effects.

Humans have often responded to their conflicts with violence, and many people are conditioned to believe that this is an appropriate and expected response to conflict. Of course, the mountains of historical evidence are at least as high as the mountains of dead bodies, that violence only increases the levels of hostility between humans as well as the body count from our perpetual wars.

Resolving conflicts peacefully is the first lesson of martial arts, because angry humans are so dangerous. Humans must learn this lesson well, for their own safety. Resolving conflicts peacefully is a lesson that can be practiced every day, anytime a conflict arises.

The skills of diplomacy are important survival skills, and it is important that people are deliberately taught these skills. Diplomacy can be taught in schools; it can be taught in movies and television shows; it can be taught to anyone we personally have conflicts with, by our own examples of diplomacy. Diplomacy can be taught in many ways, and it is important that we utilize as many methods as necessary to ensure a peaceful world.

Human life is valuable. Acts of violence show profound ignorance of that fact. Those who recognize the value of others have genuine respect for others, even those they disagree with.

By promoting peace, we work to ensure a safer world for ourselves and those we love. By choosing to resolve our conflicts peacefully, we show others that we intend them no harm, and we gain their trust and cooperation. By focusing on our mutual goals and honestly discussing our differences, we can find solutions that are acceptable for all involved.

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