White house & DOE web hacked into

Gina Miller (echoz@hotmail.com)
Sun, 16 May 1999 22:04:46 PDT

White house cracked

One of the web servers (www1) for the Whitehouse was cracked. According to information learned by HNN this crack took place at aprox 8:50am EST on May 10th. (Other news outlets are claiming it happened at midnight EST on May 9th) Unlike reports from about one month a ago that claimed whitehouse.gov was cracked this time there is enough viable evidence to support the allegation. CNN is reporting that whitehouse spokes people are blaming this on equipment failure. HNN has been able to secure a copy of the cracked page.

Here's the original page that was attacked;


And here's the left cracked page (per hacker news)


US Embassy and DOE web sites Cracked

In response to the recent NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade some people have started attacking web sites. The US Embassy in China, The DOE, and the Department of Interior are a few of the web sites that have had their web pages changed as a direct result of the bombings. Most of the slogans posted on the pages are extremely anti USA and NATO and and evoke Chinese nationalism and patriotism.

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