Re: Effects of Enhanced Senses for Designer Bodies

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Objet : Effects of Enhanced Senses for Designer Bodies

Ah seems I will try to be back on the extropian mailing list ;)
>I'd appreciate extropic comments from anyone interested in enhancing our
>senses, and what how this will affect our primal instincts, and, thus,
>advance our insight and intra/interpersonal communications, for example.

A very interesting topic indeed.
The process of moving to different places has always been somewhat painful for me.
I always try not to move too much... next year I will use distant learning ;))
And there is the old proverb : "the more you move, the less you learn". (I've probably read that in Centuries by Attanasio ;) Still we need to upgrade the relationship between our sensory-motor abilities and what we learn as much as it is possible because it is probably the most efficient way to do.
This could seem somewhat childish but i would like to see some kind of remote sensory capabilities designed like in the game "descent". (a doom-like but with 3 dimensions of freedom) I would like to be able to control several descent-like probes (with multitasking)
each robotic probes would have the ability to send me the information I would need to feel in the place... audio and video woud be quite sufficient... for the begining...
Such thing would be a major improvment for my learning... i would be able to watch and interact with pals allowing such probes in their surrounding. So I would not need to be limited to communicate only with networks users. There is interesting questions about how to build such probes so that they are secure in their environment and unable to harm people (using some kind of GPS?)... how they would fly,..refuel capabilities, noise free, mass production... ;))
I wonder how far away it is of the current technology. Of course there would still exist social problems about such things ;(... a lot of "no probes" allowed areas and the great majority would probably be quite reluctant to that...

More practically, I would like to have the possibility of instantaneous replay of all the experiences I had (video/audio). perhaps some little cam on my head and wearable with huge memory storage would be sufficient.
I would like, *at least*, to be able to search all my audio/video memories like I search the web.
That could be develloped quite easily.

I'm sure i've not helped you much but remote sensing at distance is something I would really like to have ;))