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Peter Passaro (
Sun, 16 May 1999 10:26:57 -0400

Everything in moderation!

If you take an objective look at many of the papers on diet (especially for diabetics) it is clear that the large, well controlled studies show that a balanced diet is usually the most effective one in lowering body fat percentages and increasing wellness overall. Unfortunately, we in western countries sometimes have a skewed view of what a "balanced diet" actually is.

High levels of carbs are DEADLY! The high carb diets previously advocated by the ADA and the AHA have been shown to exacerbate most of the problems experienced by most type II diabetics. On the other hand, high protein diets are not particularly healthy either. High levels of protein can cause ketosis (the Atkin's Diet actually seeks to cause this condition), a condition which in addition to causing some biochemical changes which aren't too healthy puts fat cells in a mode where they are more likely to store fat.

So, the consensus seems to be that high anything is not good for you. Some of the current books on low carbs/ high protein are actually just a balanced diet, it only appears different because the western diet is far too high in fat and carb calories. These books have not stated anything revolutionary from a biochemical standpoint, it is just that the medical community has had their head in the sand for about twenty years and these people are just stating the obvious. (With the exception of Dr. Walford who has been saying the same things for quite a while)

I have not read Eades book so I can't comment on his strategies but I have read some of Dr. Barry Sears' "Zone" series (It is NOT a high protein diet by any means) and he is about as close to reflecting a good, practical diet for weight loss and anti-aging as I have seen. Unless of course if you want to go in for caloric restriction, which is more effective, but terribly spartan for my taste. If you have the discipline, then Dr. Walford's program is for you. It also is a balanced diet, it just has much fewer calories overall.

Some links for you:

         Dr. Barry Sears site:
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I am assembling a bibliography on this topic right now. It should be available via the web in a couple of weeks. I'll post when it goes up.

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