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> This article gave people a choice between being fat/unhealthy and being
> depressed.

I beg to differ.

Some months ago I made a post concerning the Atkins diet...(hi protein...low carbohydrate) was met with considerable derision.

Consequently I did a little research.

There is another doctor who has done similar investigations. He has also written a book. It's entitled "Protein Power" by Drs. Eades (husband and wife)...

Url =

There is atkins as mentioned..

There is another dr. whose book I haven't read yet...his title is called "The Zone"...

What I've gleaned from all of this is summarized in the Eades book.

Briefly he says that for ten thousand generations man was a meat eater who supplimented his diet with ocassional veggies...(Hunter Gatherer)...then the agricultural revolution occured and our nutritional problems began.

He supports this by talking extensively about the egyptians.(also a great number of footnotes and a bibliography) It seems significant information can be gathered by examining egyptian mummies of which there a suprisingly large number. Supposedly the egyptians had many of the same problems we do....(heart disease...obesity...etc etc).....which their predescessors (the hunter gathers.......) did not..

I suggest that anyone interested read Dr. Eades book. the works.

I'm down to 225 from several months... And when I eat carbohydrates (except for beer...which is where I get almost all of the carbs I eat...and then I go to sleep)...I feel bad..

My normal diet is eggs...steak...milk....cheese...all the bad things.(and beer of course..but I try to be moderate)

My brother is on a similar diet...with similar results. He has more money than I have as well as access to medical services I don't. He's had his blood composition monitored. Such things as triglycerides...cholesterol levels...and things I've no clue as to what they are...have all improved considerably.

Of course...youre milage may vary..

Oklahoma City.