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>So which is the problem - the fact that McDonald's will buy cheap
>beef, or the fact that the Brazilians are willing to clear-cut
>their rain forest to raise cattle? I'd say the latter.

The fact that poor people will do whatever they have to is the problem.

>> Mature maybe, old growth... no way. They log on so-called nature
>> preserves all the time..

>I know - one more example of how well socialist solutions work.

We agree on this.

>But it only matters for a tiny fraction of the ecology. We've got
>lots of 30-60 year old timber, which is plenty old enough to form
>a habitat for virtually the entire ecosystem. It would be nice if
>we could also save that last 1% that needs an authentic old-growth
>forest, but that isn't in the same league as the major problems in
>other parts of the world.

A monocultural block of trees is not a forest, and to be fair under your definition, South America should be free to destroy all but 1% of the rainforest.

>Well, what exactly do you mean by "environmentally sound".
>Pollution levels are falling, conservation efforts are growing,
>and every reasonable effort is being made to avoid causing damage
>(along with a lot of unreasonable efforts). I don't see that it
>would make sense to do more. It makes more sense to devote our
>limited financial resources to developing advanced technology
>(which could free us from many of the tradeoffs we currently
>face) than to spend even more money trying to preserve a tiny
>fraction of the ecosphere that happens to be very vulnerable to

I agree things are better than they were, but we are a long way from being in balance with our ecosystem. We agree that the answer is more/better technology rather than less. The Bioneers are a good example.

I'm saying that having had our way with our ecosystem and arguing over doing in the last 1%, we're in no position to tell other people what they should be doing.

Lead by example.

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