Free Market Environmentalism

Jocelyn Brown (
Thu, 13 May 1999 18:41:18 -0500

On the topic of saving the planet:

For all of you anarchist/libertarians/objectivists/etc. who feel that animal and plant species are worth keeping around but decry the Green movement as socialist and de-humanist, I offer you the following link:

Earth Sanctuaries Limited is an Australian corporation dedicated to preserving the unique wildlife and ecosystems of Australia through the use of pure, unadulterated capitalism (well, as much as they can get away with in what is basically a socialist country). They sell shares of stock to fund their efforts, and use the proceeds to buy land for sanctuaries. They also make decent money through eco-tourism. The biggest hinderance they have is that the Australian government is so concerned about protecting its unique wildlife that it won't allow ESL to put monetary values on its animals or sell them. For example, Japan has offered to purchase a platypus for one million dollars, but ESL is not allowed to sell one. The platypus, BTW, is not endangered.

They do excellent work and care very deeply both for the environment and individual rights to property.

Those of us who profess to care about these things but haven't gotten involved in groups like Greenpeace (for obvious reasons) should put our money where our mouth is and support this free-market effort to preserve highly endangered species (such as the Bilby, of which there are around 17 left, several of which were bred at ESL).

And if you don't care, I or no one else has the right to force you to. I also don't think that the world will end or even care if bilbies disappear. But I do.

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