Re: Can you live forever? Esquire article

J. R. Molloy (
Thu, 13 May 1999 09:04:49 -0700

From: Brian D Williams <>
>Here we are fighting over harvesting the last of the old growth
>timber in the U.S., but telling the Brazillian's they must not
>harvest all of their's. If I was them, I'd tell us to F*** off.

Everytime I tell us that, we slap me in our mouth.

>I don't agree, much of the degradation is related to more advanced
>economies utilizing the people and resources of the third world for
>their own gain, plus since we don't utilize
>environmental/ecological technologies, we're the last one's who
>should tell anyone about it. Fortunately South America has an
>excellent example of it's own.... Gaviotas.

When genetic homogenization and volitional evolution overtake Sourth America, it won't matter anyway.

>Agreed, I'm just one of those silly people who's headed for the
>stars, and who want's to leave a trail and the ability to follow to
>anyone interested. ;)

Hurry up! We've formed a line behind you. 8-)


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