Re: Runaway Intelligence Seeks Outlet

Anders Sandberg (
12 May 1999 22:28:33 +0200

Well put. I recognize my own thinking in what you say. writes:

> Basically, I have more ideas than I could possibly use myself. I think
> of all kinds of inventions and business plans and fun activities,
> interesting problems, etc. I just love coming up with this stuff, and I
> can do it all day with little effort.
> Because I come up with so many ideas that I think others could benefit
> from, I have decided it would be worthwhile to give them away in order to
> further my goal of living in a peaceful prosperous world.

Exactly. This is the core of the information economy, and why it is so different from traditional economics: we become wealthier the more we give away. Unlike the traditional material economies where altruism by necessity had a negative utility for oneself, here it can have zero or a positive utility, making it more likely.

> To me, that is a good trade. Currently, I want to develop more
> outlets for sharing my ideas with others. Eventually, I would like
> to have a website where people could access my ideas and contribute
> their own.

A kind of ideas bank? I think there are some on the net already, but the idea itself can likely be developed.

> If anyone could assist me in this endeavor, I would certainly appreciate
> it. Basically, I want to go public with my ideas so that I and many
> others can cash in on the investment I have made in my own intelligence
> throughout my life.

I'm not sure I could contribute to setting up the website (too much to do), but I sure would contribute some ideas and discussion.

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