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Wed, 12 May 1999 11:33:01 -0700

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>J. R. Molloy wrote:
>" can see that Homo sapiens has decided en masse to commit global
>Honestly, I don't come to the same conclusion, from the evidence I see.
>I agree that people are being quite devastating to the biosphere and many
>people have strong desires to hurt themselves and their world, but I
>think that most of the damage is being done out of ignorance and
>adherence to tradition. Traditions change as each individual decides
>what to continue and what to discontinue. Ignorance can be dealt with in
>many ways also. My favorite is simply giving others honest feedback on
>the effects of their actions and making sure there is little they can do
>to avoid awareness of the fact that they are destroying much which they
>would probably rather not in the long term.

I should amend my earlier statement. Not only has Homo sapiens begun the process of global suicide (he didn't actually "decide" to do it -- he just doesn't comprehend the consequence of his instinctually-driven ideology), he has also begun the process of collective denial combined with a determination to keep up appearances. Ubiquitious self-medication and drug abuse in the West constitutes one symptom of this collective malady. In the words of an earlier contributor to this list, "Anaesthetic offenses numb the best defenses."


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