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>-*J. R. Molley wrote:
>-*"Present rates of environmental destruction will most likely continue to
>-*accelerate, not 'hold'..."
>-*Why such pesssimism? The future is certainly not determined already. I
>-*prefer to belive that people can change their ways, even in ways that
>-*seem drastic. The coming generations are always a mystery. The future
>-*is a maze of possibilities to me, and I see that my choices can greatly
>-*influence the way things will go. The consistent tendencey of humans to
>-*develop better communication abilities is enabling any one individual to
>-*have an ever greater influence over all of Humanity. That makes
>-*everything quite unpredictable, since I have no idea what some
>-*charismatic genius is planning or even just starting to put into action.
>-*Just because you haven't come up with a way to modify the behavior of
>-*humans so they no longer destroy the environment doesn't mean that there
>-*aren't thousands of others in the world who may have ideas that will be
>-*very successful.
>-*Ultimately, you have to decide how much time and effort you want to
>-*invest in developing and carrying out effective solutions to the problems
>-*you seem to be deeply concerned about. I doubt that giving in to your
>-*pessimism will help you accomplish your goals for the world.
>-*- David Musick
>-*believe you will succeed, and at least you will try.
>-*if you believe you will fail, you almost certainly will.


Thank you for this posting... YES! I believe you are correct!



  Be not afraid of life. *BELIEVE* that life is worth living and your
  *BELIEF* will help create the fact.

        William James (1842-1910)

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