RE: Dr. Patrick Flanagan?

Billy Brown (
Sat, 8 May 1999 11:19:01 -0500

Michael M. Butler wrote:
> Umm, though I make no claims for any site's content; my understanding of
> the original G. P. Flanagan Neurophone is that it induces some amount of
> current into the brain, and that somehow the brain can learn to decode it
> as sound. Since that development (in his early teens, I seem to recall),
> would appear that Flanagan is/was a prodigy who got weird (into pyramid
> power etc.).

Well, that seems a little more believable that this miracle-cure stuff. Of course, if it really worked we would expect it to have attracted a lot more attention (and scientific analysis) by now. Presumably either there are serious side effects that make its use unsafe, or it doesn't actually work.

> -The neurophone was patented quite a while ago. Improvements to that
> have been claimed, but I've never seen evidence they're for real.

That part I believed. The patent office tries to screen out inventions that don't actually work, but they've never been all that successful at it. A lot of weird pseudoscience manages to get patented, either because the examiner believes in it or because it looks good enough on paper to fool him.

> -I believe you can easily verify that a military DIA does in fact exist,
> it has existed.

OOPS! Mea cupla! Many, many apologies. Yes, the DIA does exist (that's what I get for writing replies in such a hurry). They don't do much in any of the areas I follow, so its easy to overlook them.

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