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Natasha Vita-More (
Sat, 08 May 1999 08:50:16 -0500

At 02:20 AM 5/4/99 PDT, Gina posted an article:

>Scientists are solving the ultimate medical supply problem: new brains
>Associated Press
>BOSTON (AP) -- (snip)

>"Cell therapy might be even more interesting, not less," says Snyder. "Not
>only might it mean we put back cells that the brain does not grow on its
>own, but maybe we will do it by augmenting a natural response."
>In short, these scientists envision a day when repairing a broken brain will
>involve no transplants, no operations. Instead, it will mean triggering the
>brain to awaken its supply of stem cells, to grow its own spare parts, to
>literally fix itself."

This is interesting to me because Synder uses the term "natural," as if non-biological augmentations are unnatural. Errrgh.

While I like the idea of triggering the brain to awaken stem cells and repair damage, adding no new parts to the brain to enhance it is like fixing up a old Model T Ford and keeping it really shinny while only driving 30 miles per hour.


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