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He created Microhydrin (here's the product link)

Dr. Patrick Flanagan at the age of 11 designed a missile and atomic bomb detector - that our government classifies as "Top Secret" - and then incorporates it as a significant part of its defense program. By the age of 14, he designs the NeurophoneŽ, an electronic device that transmits sound from the skin directly to the brain through the nervous system, not the bones or ears. By the age of 18, he was named as one of the Top Ten most promising young scientists in America by Life Magazine.(I believe he was on the cover) He was part of the Gemini Space Program at NASA when he was 19, and at 23, he worked for the U.S. Navy as a computer designer translating human speech into dolphin language for the Man-Dolphin Communications Program. Flanagan was famous for his book Pyramid Power, about his consuming interest in energy and bioenergy systems of the human body. His most recent recognition came as he was honored as "1997 Scientist of the Year" by the scientific community.

Here's a Neurophone link page

Heres a link (he's in it)
Although hard to read DOCTORS FLANAGAN

Another product page
Crystal Energy (longevity implied)

Here's his Email

Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

>I had run across Dr Flanagan. I had heard a great deal about his
>neurophon. I was curious if any of you all had more information about him.
>Some of this inventions seem pretty amazing, and others seem a bit
>sketchy. I also had heard discussion once of a "russian sleeping machine."
>I searched the web and found no information on it. Thanks for the help on
>any resources that might help me better investigate.

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