Extro 4/Biotech Futures update coming soon

Max More (max@maxmore.com)
Fri, 07 May 1999 07:50:30 -0700

My internet access has been highly unreliable recently, but seems to be working again right now. I have a number of excellent speakers lined up for the Extro 4/Biotech Futures conference and will be posting some information about progress with the event this weekend, and updating the web pages.

While I have a very strong roster of confirmed speakers for the research presentations for the Saturday focus on human life extension, I'm still looking for some researchers in the areas of genetic engineering, genomics, and bioinformatics. I'm currently in contact with several possibilities, but would greatly appreciate the help of list members in suggesting researchers in these fields who could give a survey of the state of the art and intelligently project future trends in the research.



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