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Thu, 06 May 1999 14:24:38 +1000

Billy Brown wrote:

> Ishmael Abd-er-Rahman wrote:
> > I don't think that with the technology we have now we can
> > construct the massive pyramids, temples, and stadiums the
> > ancients built.
> Why on Earth not? We can build as big a pile of rock as you want - you just
> have to be prepared to pay for it. By modern standards there is nothing
> especially challenging about any of these 'great wonders'. Stone
> construction is a somewhat neglected art (because it isn't cost effective),
> but there is nothing magical about it.

The lower courses of the Temple of Jupiter at Baalbeck are, according to the quotes I have seen, too massive to be moved using currently available technology. Now, these may be quotes from engineers who have vested interests, or they might be correct.

I'd be interested in some comments from some actual engineers, because otherwise we'll have yet another round of opinion-waving.

I have also seen footage of engineers saying that it is technically impossible to align a site as large as the Great Pyramid at Giza with the accuracy the pyramid displays. There's more to it than just moving rocks about.

> Actually, we know exactly how most of the famous cases were built.
> Archaeologists have duplicated in great detail the methods used by Egyptians
> to build the pyramids and temples. They've also done a good job on the
> methods used in Greece, England and on Easter Island. In every case there
> is no magic or advanced technology involved - just old-fashioned
> craftsmanship and a massive amount of human labor.

The vitrified forts in ireland?



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