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05 May 1999 22:19:04 +0200

"Ishmael Abd-er-Rahman" <> writes:

> I don't think that with the technology we have now we can construct
>the massive pyramids, temples, and stadiums the ancients built. They
>had no cranes, bulldozers, or CAD, but they were able to position
>stones-transported from quarries, to heights one would think might
>have been impossible. We still don't know who built Stonehenge or how
>they transported those massive stones. We still can't construct
>Crystal Skulls without tool markings.

This is an often heard claim, but if you start to examine it it falls apart. We can definitely build the pyramids today if we wanted to - the stones are well within what cranes can handle. The other structures are much less complex - try comparing the size of (say) Acropolis with a modern skyscraper or cathedral. Still, it is impressive that they managed to build them.

The crystal skulls are an interesting case. I saw a program on Disocvery that had some rather convincing indicia that the famed crystal skulls really derived from Bavaria in the early 19th century. And the microphotos they showed really did have tool marks.

> In Egypt there are underground corridors with paintings and bas-reliefs on the walls. No evidence of torchmarks on the ceilings. Imhotep calculated the circumference of the earth to about 25,000 miles, pretty impressive for some primitives. About 1000 years before Imhotep, Berossus(if I got his name right), a Sumerian priest, did the same. The Dogon tribe in Mali knew of the existence of Sirius A&B before western astronomy did, so do the Hopi tribe in the US.

Please read the sceptics website. Most of these claims are disproven rather throughly.

Sure, the ancients were no fools and worthy much respect. But it is better to respect them for what they really did rather than what we ascribe to them.

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