RE: Site seeks home

Billy Brown (
Tue, 4 May 1999 09:35:59 -0500

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:
> Anyone out there willing to give me a free account? I don't know how
> much of my traffic will transfer over, since most references (despite
> all the warnings) are to the "tezcat" address instead of the "pobox"
> forwarder, sigh sigh, at least my email is safe. But if I can get "Ask
> Jeeves" to update one reference, I should be able to offer at least a
> few hundred hits per day. I'll be happy to replace my current
> not-doing-much-good banner exchange with any ads you serve, or put up an
> ad for your site. I don't believe I'm presently running any CGI.

As Jocelyn mentioned, we're currently setting up our own server. By the end of the month we should be able to offer space on a 3 gig disk partition (shared with a couple of other low-traffic sites), along with e-mail, telnet, ftp, CGI and access to a IIS/ASP programming environment and SQL server databases as needed. If you want to migrate before then, we've got 5 megs of space from our ISP that we aren't using, which sounds like more than enough.

Billy Brown, MCSE+I