spike, the technobarbarian

Spike Jones (spike66@ibm.net)
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 19:06:00 -0700

Spike Jones wrote:

> [much yakkity yak and bla bla...]
> ...My contention then, is that we have now the equivalent of an Alexandrian
> fire, burning brightly at this moment, however, this time, the knowledge is
> not being lost, but rather, transmogrifying itself into a more useful form. spike

If I may presume to reply to my own post, I think I can state much more succinctly, my point: We moderns already spend waaaay too much time and effort, searching searching searching ancient texts for answers to today's dilemmas. I really mean that. If we could somehow resurrect the most famous wise guys of the past, Confucius, Moses, Solomon, Socrates, Jesus, Maimonides, Nostradamus, etc, these guys would be *just as clueless as we are* to solve some of today's questions. We need to find the answers ourselves! Not look back. They can't help. Look forward, not back. spike