Re: Laser as Reactionless Propulsion/Wormhole

Anders Sandberg (
29 Apr 1999 01:20:47 +0200

"Michael S. Lorrey" <> writes:

> There is no 'tear'. An object becomes a black hole when its mass is
>contained within a radius where the escape velocity is at or above
>light speed. It is still a physical object, and can be manipulated
>with ion guns and magnetic fields.

Of course, this is a rather different kind of physical object from the kind of objects we are used to. It is really made of spacetime curvature than matter/energy (or more properly, the traditional matter/energy parts have been hidden inside and may have become something completely different - it doesn't matter). But it can be pushed around and likely used, so it is really an object. The spacetime as a rubbersheet analogy is good to a point, but then it starts to fail.

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