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Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 17:58:05 -0400

KPJ wrote:

> There exists an ozone depletion area ("hole") above the Arctic, as well,
> mainly active during the Arctic winter season.
> According to STUK, the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland,
> the UV radiation has increased approximately 12% since the beginning of
> the 1980s. STUK expected a 20-30% increase in skin cancer if no change
> in the population's behaviour appear (like avoiding the direct sun shine).
> The charts showing the movement of the hole showed it rotates, and varies
> in size with the rotation. The hole extended down to Germany and France
> during the winter.

The question is what is causing it though (yes there is a smaller version of the hole in the arctic). Since ground level temps are normal in the arctic but much lower than historical levels at the ionosopheric level where the ozone is, this tells me that while greenhouse gasses may be keeping ground level heat in, the lack of high altitude particulates (cause by our shift away from widespread use of 'dirty' fossil and wood fuels), is allowing high altitude heat to escape too quickly. From what I've seen, the ozone depletion is most directly caused by the drop in ionospheric seasonal temperatures that is lower than historical norms. Chlorine ions have nothing to do with the temperature....

Mike Lorrey