RE: Bearden, Sirag, free energy, etc.

Mark Phillips (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 18:12:47 CDT

Dear Anders:

Your point(s) is (are) well-taken. Nevertheless, you and our Extropian compadres should be aware of and appreciate the fact that Sirag, in particular, has, over the last 20-odd years, published several very innovative and important papers in some of the most
(deservedly) well-respected and competently referee'd science journals
in the world. Among them, NATURE, and, if I'm not mistaken, PHYSICS LETTERS. He's got a book out, HYPERSPATIAL Crystallography (sorry, can't recall the publisher), and a condensed version of his overall stuff appears as an appendix in a volume on consciousness edited by Jeff Mishlove (sorry, yet again I can't recall the name of the darn book). I think it's worth checking out. In basic terms he's arguing that there is, essentially, one hyperspatial realm (or, perhaps better, meta-realm) which has a very high number of dimensions
(indeed, is, perhaps, n-dimensional) but which has two utterly
distinct (yet interactive) algebras. One algebra describes (indeed, more or less IS) spacetime and (more or less n-dimensional) hyperspacetime. The other algebra describes (various levels and/or realms of) consciousness. Now, harking back to mainstream, garden-variety philosophy 101, this means that Sirag's stuff is indeed in one sense quite monistic (there's ultimately only one
(hyper)space), but it is utterly dualistic algebraically. Now I'm
sure as heck no Gauss or Euler, but anyone with higher math training can follow Sirag's stuff (at least to a fairly significant extent), and it certainly seems promising. Indeed, the algebra(s) involved is essentially similar to the stuff already used in super-string theory(s).
Now, admittedly, the monistic aspect does strike me as uncomfortably Parmenidean, but, hey, if the math works, and ultimately can bring forth some useful technology, then I'm cool with it. But, again, I agree whole-heartedly that one should be constructively skeptical toward this sort of stuff. But, in all fairness, Sirag is a competent
(if not, indeed, brilliant) mathematical physicist who's trying to
develop an operational physics of consciousness (among other things). I applaud him for this; and rather obviously, it may have profound, PRACTICAL implications for uploading, personal identity preservation, time travel (even!) and perhaps even more-or-less complete mastery of
(hyper)spacetime! Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. I'm just
trippin'--Sounds damned near utterly fantastic (i.e., impossibly fanciful, if not bull manure). But then, hey, so did even simple
(much less fully matured, full-blown) nanotech as recently as, say, 10
years ago! And, besides, isn't that ultimately what Extropianism, Venturism, Esfandiarianism, etc. is all about?!?! Attaining "god-like" powers over (the ultimate constituents of) reality itself
(for the joy of self-actualization, or whatever)!!

As for Bearden, well, he's attempting to re-organize (or, perhaps better: reconstruct) meta-physics (i.e., the (meta)theoretical foundations of physics itself). Now this may seem a rather high-falutin', almost egomaniacal project---but, HEY, SOMEONE'S GOTTA DO IT! Bearden's papers cite several turn-of-the-(20th)century papers which, he contends, if properly appreciated and understood, would go far both toward revolutionizing current theorizing as well as in the bargain integrate quantum theory and (general) relativity. And, no, once again, I don't have the citations handy (MEA CULPA!!), but they're readily findable on the net in Bearden's articles. He, like Sirag, should be respected and check out seriously. Yet, he should be studied critically (if not, indeed, skeptically), but also without mainstream prejudice.

In sum, Anders, you're right about the critical/skeptical approach to this stuff, and I respect your opinion(s), but we Extropians should, in my opinion, seriously check Bearden and Sirag's stuff, as it is relevant to extropian themes and aspirations (even if much of this stuff IS, admittedly, in the nascent stages of its development).


                                                Best regards to all,
                                                Mark aka CLAY8

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