Re: Recovered Memories

Anders Sandberg (
27 Apr 1999 14:13:14 +0200

"Scott Badger" <> writes:

> Anders Sandberg wrote:
> > > (2) Would uploading likely remove all the blocked pathways and enable
> > > complete access?
> >
> > No. Uploading would not change the neural net of the brain, and the
> > blocks are "software problems" (problems with retrieval dynamics, bad
> > indexing, mis-associations etc). But interfacing and modulating the
> > brain becomes much simpler, of course. I would expect a fast rate of
> > innovation once people start to upload themselves.
> So it sounds like even the most sophisticated technology will never allow me
> to replay a clear and accurate memory of some playground incident when I was
> 7 years old. Are you saying this is not only because of software/retrievel
> problems, but also because the information/database itself is corrupted?

Not corrupted, it was never stored perfectly in the first place. What we store is more like models of what we thought happened, and they get updated as we think more about it. When you look back to the playground incident you will reconstruct it, but the props will be borrowed so to say from other memories.

On the other hand, why would we want to remember playground incidents? One posthuman SI to another: "You took my red plastic shovel! So now I take your bush robot. So there!" :-)

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