RE: Becoming Immortal? (was: The Promise of Cryonics (was Re: ethical problem?))

Mark Phillips (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 15:38:17 CDT

Dear Karsten:

All Extropians, Venturists, Esfandiarians, etc. should definitely check out Tom Bearden's stuff on the net. Just use a search engine (I prefer MSN or Lycos) and search for "Tom Bearden" and you'll find some interesting stuff that is, in a sense, way beyond even nanotech. Also check out Saul-Paul Sirag. This guys, along with a few others, a re-writing physics itself: they're articulating an integrated, hyperspatial physics, with important implications for biology (aging, immortality, etc.) and consciousness. Their stuff is pretty good reading, so please check it out.

                                       MCP aka CLAY8

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